Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Not So Dirty South | Road Trip Edition

Welcome to the home of zero traffic, no smog, mosquitoes galore, and the wonderful humidity. I'm in North Carolina Finally!!! Sorry for the delay post, but between getting my settled in my apartment, working like crazy, and my favorite thing I called sleep, I have been a little occupied.

I must say I do not think I could ever move across country again!!!!!!!!! I love California it will always be home but holy crap. I believe that drive took a lot of energy out of me. It's been about 3 weeks and I am still physically exhausted. I'm sure starting my dream job two days after arriving here didn't help, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Road Trip: Excuse me when I say my parents and I kick ass in driving across country. Between heat, gas stops, thunder storms, and one over night stop, we made it here in time. My deadline was Saturday, July 18th due to the fact my apartment was ready then. Left early Thursday Morning. & when I mean early I mean 4 am / the moon is still up 4am. I remember continuously planning out my trip. My ideal trip  CLICK HERE was set. Like I planned, I drove out my little sentra out of CA. Disclaimer: if driving through CA to Arizona, do not get gas in the last city of California, wait 5 miles and Arizona is so much cheaper. ** While my mom drove the states of Arizona, I attempted to sleep in the backseat. My backseat was a little more cluttered than I planned but lucky for me I can get somewhat comfortable almost anywhere. But having the cutest pup snuggled in my lap, I realized sleep was a little harder than I planned.

I do know I did nap because New Mexico was the next state I would drive. Nothing scenic in that state! I remember I drove until I couldn't drive anymore. I'm pretty sure that was the end of Texas. I am about 75% sure my mom drove part of Texas and I drove the rest but with it being 5:30 am and insomnia going on, a two-week old drive seems a bit fuzzy. I know I got tired because there was no way I was driving into a lightening storm. If you know me you know my biggest fears are thunder // lightening // and earthquakes. While the storm was going on I felt like I was in the Wizard of Oz. By the time I woke up Oklahoma was almost over. I can honestly say the gas station in OK was probably the cleanest public bathroom I have ever been in! Arkansas was in the near future, I slept probably through all of that state. My stomach was in knots so eating anything other than saltine crackers was not in my plan. Then Tennessee, I really thought Oklahoma would take us forever to get through, however Tn is a longer drive.
Other than seeing Graceland, Memphis TN, lack of sight seeing happened in my favorite state.

I was so tired I had to have someone else drive as long as I could drive to downtown Nashville, well that didn't happen. My eyelids were shut for a while. Luckily my mom's phone found Jack's BBQ so my stomach was happy. It wasn't in the best area but I knew how to get us to Brentwood. I have been there too many times to not know how safe Brentwood Tn is. My dad basically until he couldn't drive anymore and that was our one hotel stop. It was in Gatlinburg. Pro: only 35-40 minutes away from ole smokey. Con: I would've been late for signing my lease. Oh well, until next time Tennessee.

As I drove through the Smokey Mountains from Gatlinburg to North Carolina, The weather got musty and humid, but when I say the view looked like National Geographic, I am not joking. North Carolina Welcome Center was goregous. If my home was anything like it, I'd love it. And I was right !!!!

something amazing coming soon....!!!! 

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