Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Shenanigans

Guess who had a THREE DAY WEEKEND last week? !?!?! Probably the last one I will have for a while. Work will be number 1 on my list for a while. Any how... On the agenda was sleep and clean. Well I can tell you cleaning did not happen. It was more sleep than anything. But what did happen was Saturday Adventure. I love to get out of the "city". Back in my favorite mini road trip destination was Lake Arrowhead. Who would think that the 1 drive to serenity would be missed so quickly. So I decided to search pinterest for gorgeous nature life around North Carolina. As green as this place is, all the amazing destinations are at least 2 hours from my house.  Eek. I'm glad I don't mind driving. The road trip I decided to go on was to Hanging Rock State Park. FYI I am obsessed with waterfalls. This 2 hour trip was worth it. The water was so pretty coming down the rocks. Guido had fun splashing in the creek. For a pup who hates water, he sure loves hikes to waterfalls. My dad, pup, and I went to only 2 of the many waterfalls at the state park. I am sure I will be going back. I can't think of anything else more peaceful than a small hike to a natures beauty, waterfalls.

If you know Guido (the Pup) you know he hates water. Well he dislikes baths and pools. But Mother Nature's Water he loves!!! I can't get my dog out of creek water, strange pup but I love it.

 I think our 2 mini hikes equaled a total of 1 mile.  

We found out that VA was only 20 minutes away so we crossed into another state. This last month has been me in more states than I have ever been in. All we did was drive back home, but next trip will include some tourist-y stuff. Hope everyone has a good week. 
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Have a good Week everyone!!!!

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