Friday, August 7, 2015

The Not So Dirty South | NC GREEN

Happy Friday Y'all. I lovin I can say that now. ok I'm lying I sound funny haha. I must say how green it is in this lovely state of North Carolina. So green, I walk out of my front door and I think I'm in a National Forest. No but seriously, it's amazing how many trees and grass and land out here is not dead. I mean don't get me wrong, So. Cal is gorgeous, however for every dead tree in California there is 5 beautiful green trees here just in Raleigh.
Sometimes when I walk Guido, I take pictures of the scenery. I would take more but everything is green here it starts looking alike.

Of course the crazy amount of mother nature's beauty there is, it comes with a price. Talk about bi-polar weather. It is no joke when people tell you that if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes it will change. One minute its sunny and zero humidity, the next its a storm warning through the county. Sometimes the humidity is what makes going outside horrible. Well that and the mosquitoes. Apparently I arrived in North Carolina during their worse humidity in 20 years. I have been the mosquitoes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I couldn't even walk the pup-pup without getting a new bite. I get so excited when I can walk outside and enjoy our walks, which hasn't been many. I'm a girly girl, however this humidity makes me sweaty and gross. 2 showers minimum!!!! 

The humid weather sure did get the best of my family last week, while I had a day off it was decided to go to the NC State Arboretum and take pictures with my Canon Rebel (here). 1 water bottle for three people wasn't such a good idea. I am pretty sure the disgusting weather made me lose a few pounds that day. We didn't stay for long, but the pictures we got were beyond amazing. I must applaud myself, National Geographic here I come. (just kidding y'all). This states beauty in one place was perfect. Can't wait to go see more. 

I hope everyone has a good weekend. 
keep reading everyone, big event coming soon!!!!!!!!!!

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