Sunday, July 12, 2015

Special Sunday Edition

I never thought I'd post on a Sunday. Well I never thought I would have time. But with my allergies deciding it was time for me to sneeze and sniffle my morning away, why not write?

With my move being 4 days away, it finally hit me how much I'm leaving in Cali. My friends and family, and friends who are family. My going away party was a success. Thanks to Alycia, Mom, Dad, Sis, Grandma, Nino, + everyone else who pitched in. With all my goodbye hugs I must say my "tias" really know how to make sure the sadness hits. It finally hit me how far away I will be from everyone I love. I am lucky though people plan on coming to visit / skype / call. Guido and I will miss everyone very much.

I'm glad I stole my hacked my god-brother's phone yesterday at the party. The selfies came out great and I realized I am definitely getting the Galaxy S6. The shutter sensor for selfies is a BONUS. Thanks Chris for the phone!

WARNING: instgram [@delene_andrea] will be overloaded with BBQ pictures. 

Most pics will be in my new place once I order them from MPix
With my dream becoming a reality this week, lots of posts will happen.  Well as long as I'm not sleeping or driving.  
Everyone have a blessed Sunday and the rest of the week. 


  1. If you haven't heard of Influenster with your blog you should definitely sign up. Once you fill out reviews and build up your points by connecting your social media they will start sending you boxes of stuff to review - for FREE! I used to get them all the time and I deactivated my account whenever I stopped blogging. You should totally look into it. The link is - You will love it. I am hoping to get another box to review soon! Sometimes they send some of the best stuff! XO

    1. hmm I'll have to do it when I get to North Carolina :) thank you

    2. I added a button to the side link of my blog that links to your blog ;)

    3. awe I love it. Thanks girly. I'll add one of yours. I think I read yours daily haha

    4. You and a few others are the only ones I care to read on a daily basis XO!