Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Belated Moving Monday | Car Ride

With the craziness of the weekend and last day at Buffalo Wild Wings behind me, talk about time crunch. I'm done packing all the big shipping boxes [which will be sent out tomorrow]. Now it's time to pack my little Sentra that will take me into the country life.
Some stuff is much needed on a day and half trip. 

I can't wait to go back through my favorite and Gatlinburg with my Canon and enjoy the country side. Lets be real here, it is a day and half drive most of my time in the passenger seat with Guido so most likely I will be loading up the iPad with some movies. I am not gonna lie I probably won't sleep very much so looking like I am wide awake with my natural makeup is gonna come in handy. Other than my entertainment, my munchies will be a must. Can you say starbucks overload? I am pretty sure I will be finding an in&out in AZ before I am no longer surrounded by the delishisness of fries + spread. 
Hope y'all has a happy Tuesday. hehe I better get used to saying y'all

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