Monday, June 1, 2015

Moving Monday | Apartment Hunting

Everyone has asked me if I'm excited. As much as I'd want to have a much needed celebratory drink, I'm not as excited as one should be. Apartment Hunting has taken over my life. It normally starts at 7 am and doesn't end until 6pm. If I have work it doesn't stop me from my home search. Thank goodness for apps & google.
Townhomes, condos, apartment...not all the same. If you know me you know my pup is like my kid [he is NOT a guard dog at all] So safest area possible on a budget is #1 on my list. With moving in the humid months a pool is #2. It being pet friendly is #3.  Being about 2000 miles away is kinda hard to tour anything so I have to go by what leasing agents say. hmm knowing they make commission off of my renting they aren't my go to. Luckily my new boss [C] has been willing to help me since she grew up there. If I mention an area she lets me know Yay or Nay. We'll lots of decent, pretty apartments are in areas she doesn't really recommend. So all 15 million apartments I called got thrown away.
Apartment Search take TWO! Between websites & apps, here are few of the best ones I liked. : is my top apartment search website to use. Sometimes if you lease from they send you $100 gift card. It's really easy to use. Filter: City , Budget, Amenities, Laundry : not for apartment search but for apartment reviews & google the area and map out how far it is from my main office. My parents and I have become google map pros! : is like rent + google maps together! The best part is I can search a radius around my new job. I just didn't like I couldn't put my exact max. price budget.  I loved that it was easy to use. Looked around the area other than the city searched.

I suggest calling apartments and speaking with a leasing agent. Some are very friendly and others just want to make commission. I'm very big on personality, therefore if you do not want to engage in conversation but just want my money... #byefelicia

Lucky after another 3 hour search. A townhouse in my price range with my top 3 necessities were included. I put in my application. Everyone please pray I get it.

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