Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Chapter

Hello. I figured my new journey has to be documented.This time its the beginning of my CAREER in a new CITY . heck new state. This is something I want to look back on 10 years from now {i'm only 26} and say damn I succeeded.
2012 I graduated from West Coast Ultrasound Institute | Ontario, CA campus with an associate degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography . Translation: ultrasound technician. I am very proud that I graduated seeing how it was an 18-month vocational school full time & part time at b-dubs. Back then I don't really remember what sleep was. Work in the morning, school at night was my typical week for 15 months. (well 18...long story) Then it came time for externship (translation: internship) for 3 months. I do remember the school suggested for all the students to quit their jobs since internship was a full time commitment in order to graduate. We had to put in 40 hours a week. I however paid my way through school thru working at buffalo...quitting was not going to happen! + I had just brought my car.
Internship schedule was all week and work was every weekend. I think I remember having ONE day off after 30 days of work STRAIGHT. Exhaustion wasn't even a word that could describe how I felt back then. But I survived. I'm sure some people think how easy it is to just let mommy and daddy handle money. But I can honestly tell you from first hand experience how REWARDING it is to not rely on anyone but yourself.
skip to 2014
...past 2 years I have had ups and downs that felt like I was on a non-stop roller coaster, and I, the procrastinator that I am, still haven't taken my boards test. In a way I lost hope in finding a job in my career field. Most places wanted a million years of experience. I'm sorry but how can I get experience if you won't give it to graduates.
After my visit to Tennessee and Alabama I fell absolutely in love with the south! Who wouldn't? So I decided to apply out of California for my job. It was mandatory seeing how I could apply everywhere in and get nowhere.
Well after getting a few responses, I think the timing was off. I strongly believe in God's plans for me. So if I didn't choose a job it was God's decision it was best for me. Anyways about 6 months ago I'm applying everywhere Craigslist had an ultrasound position in the United States, and a lady in loved my resume, however it was PART TIME. If I'm moving to another state it has to be better hours than 2 days a week. #sorrynotsorry.
About two weeks ago (2015) the same lady called me and asked if I had found a job and if I was still interested. YES. no hesitation. I would love to move somewhere and start my career. 
"Have you been there" No
"Are you nervous" Yes
"how did you get a job without an interview" truth is I was going to go out there for an interview but seeing how summer is around the corner flights are very pricey and my new boss agreed it would be money waisted. So I used 3d pictures I have taken in the past. [no names were present on my images]

welcome to the new chapter of this city girl's life going to the country

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