Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Week of Madness

Hope everyone has a great week.  Mine was more than just wings and beer.  Baseball &  3 parties + a car accident + yard sale. I need a weekend away.

Last Friday my "family" went to an Angel Game.  I'm a Dodger fan but because the Angels is one of my "cousin's" favorite team & he is finally home from Korea we all went. The group of what seems like a million of us never disappoints a good time.  The game didn't get really exciting until the 8th inning.  While the game was un-entertaining I caught up with Marisa!  I got to know her a lot last year and she helped with a lot.  I love her like a friend and sister but since we are both busy it's gard to talk. Anyways the game was good Angels won . Got home and passed out.

With work being Saturday morning & my cousin's welcome party. We don't see each other much but he is someone I look at like a big brother. The best part was 2-stepping with him.  He practiced and it showed. Me not so much (sorry dance friends I failed lol) . Music + Cheap Drinks + Friends + Family = GREAT TIME. I have to enjoy every moment with friends and family seeing how I'm not sure when the next time I will be home.

Sunday was the last party day. One of my not so baby cousins graduated high school. Talk about me feeling old. I remember babysitting her & telling her if she wasn't good she'd be going into the "Dark Room" [my parents walk-in closet] . I am very proud to say she was never put in there.  Can't wait to see how the world will treat her as she's performing all around it. 

Monday approached faster than I wanted and and as I headed my happy booty to work someone hit the drivers side of my car. Where I live accidents aren't surprising but holy cow it has been one big chaotic mess.  Jesus took the Wheel of my car. Cops came and were so nice . Thank you Alhambra PD. Luckily my car is repairable and hopefully done by the end of this week. 

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